Sunday 14 December 2008


Yes I am a naughty, bad girl. If you have given me an award and I haven't displayed it on here I am REALLY sorry and hope you will please forgive me!! Anyway, I really will try and keep up with these in future and not cop out EVERY time!

This lovely one was given to my by my lovely friend Annie - thanks babes.

The rules are to give it to five others, who shall give it to five others. You must link to the one you got it from, and also to the ones you give it to and let them know. And there is more ... ... You have to write down five things you are addicted to!

Hmmmmmmmm - just FIVE that's not very fair is it??!!!

1. Right - would have to be my husband. I just ADORE him, can never get enough of him and want to squeeze him until he pops so presume that would count as an addiction!
2. Rubber stamps of any kind, size, shape etc.
3. Paints and colouring mediums of any type
4. Patterned papers. Every time DH comes into the craft room it's become a bit of a standing joke now for him to remark on how many paper pads I have :)
5. Tetley Earl Grey and Vanilla tea - a recent addiction after I bought this by accident instead of "proper" Earl Grey but wow it's fabby!

Okay, so to chose five ladies who as far as I can see haven't had this yet are (in no particlar order) :-

1. Donalda - her blog is really great reading and she's a lovely lady;
2. My DT buddy Maria
3. My Stamping Mad sister Billie for her wonderful tutorials
4. Jo (Fairy Mad) for not giving up with her crafting and creating some really beautiful work
5. Sue - my Stamping Mad friend.

Feeling all smug now as have posted and delivered all my cards and wrapped all the presents (well all but two as I ran out of wrapping paper at midnight grrrr!).


Anonymous said...

Thanks Sis xxx

I'm not ready for Christmas, kinda got the cards ready to go where they need to. Need to wrap loads of presants though. SO lets not mentions the 'C' word for a bit ok?


Billie xx

Anonymous said...

Just popped ova to say `Hi` Lynn..I gotta be the worst blogger surley!!!lol...
`Well Done` on your Award love to you al:)~x~

Sue said...

Thanks for the award Lynn. I've not put anything on my blog yet but promise I will get round to it.
sue x