Thursday 30 August 2012


Well we have had no internet for NINE WEEKS, which is why it's been so quiet on here!! It's back today and now I have no craft room as we move in just over 2 weeks. I do hope to be back creating and blogging at the end of October - first I just need to have my nervous breakdown lol!!


Anonymous said...

I was wondering where you had disappeared to :)
Hope all goes well with your move Lynn; we have sold our house too - yippee! So we are off to Cornwall house hunting and looks as though we shall be moving in the New Year as we want to spend a last Christmas here however I have started packing :)
Lynn x

Annie said...

Hopefully the move went ok and you have the majority of the boxes unpacked by now .. .. looking forward to seeing you back with us again soon.
love and hugs, annie x