Sunday 26 October 2008

An Apology

Did you ever see such a cheeky little devil? Hard to believe this was taken 2 weeks ago as we were waiting to go to the airport to come home. I haven't anything "crafty" to share.

I know I have been the most crap blogging friend ever recently and I am so sorry. I have loads going on (like floods and school holidays!) and at the moment I am trying to make all my Christmas cards in the evenings then make jewellery and loads of other bits for a craft fair on 6th December that I have taken a table for. I will need to work most nights now for about a month I reckon to have enough to sell. Basically I am trying to use up some old stash to sell and raise money to buy new stash!

I will of course continue to do my DT work that I love so much but probably won't have chance to join in any other challenges for a little while. I will be back properly very soon I hope.

I have had a phone call from my builder saying we will have to see what the weather is doing tomorrow as it's not a good forecast. We are hopefully getting dry days on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday so they could get a good run at the job and get it done in one go. Here's hoping!


Annie said...

well what a cheeky chappie! takes after his Mum then .. ..! We watched the countryfile weather forecast and saw it's not going to be very nice for you this week, I hope your builders can get the work done. hugs, annie x

Linanna DESIGNS said...

Oh Lynn am so sorry to hear about the flooding, hope you get things sorted soon. I hope you get all things done for your craft fair, we will look forward to seeing some of your creations later. Linda x

debby4000 said...

What a cheeky chappie. Understand totally about making stuff for your craft sale its amazing how long things take to make. The BBC weather said it should be raining here today and we've got bright sunshine so I hope the weather stay fine with you.

nessy said...

very cheeky and very cute
vanessa xx

cats whiskers said...

What a lovely cheeky little face he has, great picture, bet you wish you were back there now!!!. Just listened to your forecast and it looks pretty bleak for you hun. Hope you manage to get that roof fixed before it gets to bad. Hang in there
Hugs Jacqui x