Monday 13 October 2008


Sunny Monaco taken just this Thursday from the Palace.

Well I'm back from holiday and we had a wonderful time but a few dramas along the way! Our car broke down on the way to the airport (thank goodness we had left early!). Then Newcastle Airport were short staffed and we were two hours going through security. We only just made the plane by 30 seconds and had to run to the gate right through the airport with no shoes on! We then had two fabby weeks and came home to a £320 bill for the car and water damage in Ben's room, the kitchen and bathroom. Wet plaster and damp stink in the house. Apparently there has been non-stop rain for the whole 2 weeks here with driving winds and floods on the roads and rivers so we got off lightly really. Welcome home eh?!!


Suzanne said...

Oh Lynn sorry you came back to problems just hope your holiday was good enough to make any little problems seem just that!! Good to have you back Sue :o)

Annie said...

Welcome back Lynn! your holiday sounds fabulous and so glad you caught that plane in time! Not so good about the house and I hope you get some nice dry weather up there to fling open the windows and dry out a bit. Take care, love and hugs, annie x

Donalda said...

So glad you are back dear and that you had a great time. I know you sure enjoyed yourself dear.

Linanna DESIGNS said...

Good to see you back. Sorry to hear about your problems along the way, but you still seemed to have a great time, what a great photo, looks fab! Hugs Linda x

Sue said...

Welcome back Lynn.
Hope you soon get the house sorted and back to normal again, no damage to craft stuff I hope.
Sue x

Leann said...

Welcome back babes!
Hope it was a fab enough holiday to make up for everything that went wrong!

Biggest hugs x