Wednesday 6 October 2010

What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday

I saw this great idea on Debby's blog and thought I would join in with this bit of fun. If you fancy joining in too you can find Julia Dunnit's blog here.

I am looking a bit chaotic at the moment as I have about four things on the go just now so please excuse the mess!!

Whilst we are having a "sharing" moment I just thought I would share with you my first EVER card from six years ago that I found on the depths of the hard drive whilst looking for something else. GUFFAW and SPLURT!!!

.......... and on that note I am going to tidy my desk!!


Sandy said...

Yeah your desk rock.
What a creative place Lynn. I love it.

Anonymous said...

Great craft space Lynn...dontcha just love looking through old cards !!ha ha it!!!!
You might of started something there!!!TFS
Enjoy the rest of your week:) x

Annie said...

well the desk looks tidy .. .. there's more than a square inch empty! you are brave sharing your first creation, it was cute! I've long ago lost mine .. .. cough!
hugs, annie x

Deb said...

love your crafting space, so much to play with! your early card is very cute, how funny we all loved those peel offs! hugs Debx